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Dimly, for all the windows of the room were closed, she

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_"March 13th._--My book on Solomon's Song now ready for publication. But it is so difficult now-a-days to find a publisher for such a subject. The rage is for sentimental sermons, or else for fiction (f) under a thin disguise of religious biography."

Dimly, for all the windows of the room were closed, she

_"March l4th._--Mr. Plummer, of whose zeal and unction I had heard so much, was in the town and heard of me, and came to see me by appointment just after luncheon. _Such_ a sweet meeting. He came in and took my hand, and in that posture prayed that the Holy Spirit might be with us to make our conversation profitable to us, and redound to His glory. Poor man, his wife leads him a cat and dog life, I hear, with her jealousy. We had a _sweet_ talk; he admires Canticles almost as much as I do (z): and has promised to take my book and get it cast on the Lord (g) for me.

Dimly, for all the windows of the room were closed, she

_"March 15th._--To _please,_ one must not be faithful. (h) Miss L., after losing all her relations, and at thirty years of age, is to be married next week. She came to me and gushed out about the blessing of having at last one earthly friend to whom she could confide everything. On this I felt it my duty to remind her she might lose him by death, and then what a blank; and I was going on to detach her from the arm of flesh, when she burst out crying, and left me abruptly; couldn't bear the truth, poor woman.

Dimly, for all the windows of the room were closed, she

"In the afternoon met _him_ and bowed, and longed to speak, but thought it my duty not to: cried bitterly on reaching home."

_"March l7th._--Transcribed all the (i) texts on Solomon's Song. It seems to be the way He (j) has marked out for me to serve him."

_"March 19th._--Received this letter from Alfred:

'DEAR JANE,--I send you a dozen kisses and a piece of advice; learn more; teach less: study more; preach less: and don't be in such a hurry to judge and condemn your intellectual and moral superiors, on insufficient information.--Your affectionate brother,

A poor return for me loving his soul as my own. I do but advise him the self-denial I myself pursue. Woe be to him if he rejects it."

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